Monday, January 10, 2011

Global Warming My.......

I know, I know... Global Warming is so 90s. It's "Global Climate Change" now.

Not that this is unusual weather for New Jersey in January. It's cold, snowy and windy. Although, while I can remember it being this cold here, and I can remember it being this snowy here, I cannot remember it ever being this cold and snowy here.

More snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. This is why the big trainers (and everyone else with money and sense) go to Florida for the winter. I don't qualify for any of those things (big trainer, money, sense...) So I'm here toughing it out.

Our last snowfall only brought about 3-4 inches, but it's been so cold that it hasn't melted. With this new storm promising 7-10 inches, I have a feeling that I won't be riding much for the next few weeks at least. I'll have to get inventive to keep my stir crazy Thoroughbred busy and sane.

Today I let them back out into the pastures. Everything's frozen, anyway. It really doesn't matter if they're out there or not. Plus, it was an opportunity to take cute pictures. Spider ran around and annoyed Vinny and Matilda. He feels that it is his job to "herd" them. He believes that he is a wild stallion, leading his herd.

Vinny is unimpressed.

Neither is Matilda.

Matilda is much more interested in searching my pockets for treats. See the fuzzy lump in the lower right corner? That's Matilda. Vinny, realizing Matilda is on to something, is heading over to get his fair share. The "Wild Stallion" is oblivious.

One last shot of the "Wild Stallion" showing off for the camera.


  1. It has been a harsh winter, I think most everywhere in the country... certainly true where I live.

    That last picture is lovely. Your "stallion" is very handsome :)

  2. What I can't remember is the extended cold. Usually one storm melts before another one arrives.

    Good luck down there. Maybe you won't get much this tiem.

  3. It's not just you in NC, snow was almost unheard of until a couple of years ago. For the past...3? Years, we've gotten snow on the regular, and now instead of hoping for it, thinking it probably won't, I hope it doesn't, and know it will.

    It's been a pretty harsh winter here. At least it hasn't been AS wet as last year. Last year it rained so hard and so much, I could not ride for 3 months. I hope spring comes early this year...Amber doesn't work too well in the cold, and neither do I.

  4. HAHAHA That is why wild Stallion are slim, they prefer prancing and showing off than eating. I love Mathilda. Girls rule always so sensible, cheeky imp.

    Yes global climate change ... getting colder and warmer, more extreme weather. Blablablabla ... We have more snow, more cold, more rain...
    Modena forecast is 42.8 Fahrenheit degrees ( I did teh conversion ^-^) mostly cloudy, but it looks like it rains. It is damp ;-(

  5. HAHA i love your blog!!!!!

    Speaking of wild stallions...i own going to train him to do dressage..hopefully

    i wasa working pupil in dressage barns for years, rode in europe and i own and breed a couple warmbloods...

    i thought i needed a new challenge so now i have two fresh from the wild horses that im goin to hopefully train to do dressage...just to show it can be done...

    anyway check out my blog to

    LOL we are having the worst summer in years where i am, facing a second year of droughts....damn climate change!!

  6. What a pretty boy when he is showing off! Feel your pain on the harsh winter. Nobody understands it better than those of us that have our horses in our back yard. Stay warm!!

  7. On the subject of warming I'm thinking maybe this makes sense. I think because the summers are now hotter, there is more evaporation that is carried up and off by the jetstreams to the portion of the planet that is colder where it condenses into more clouds.Less sunlight gets through equals colder planet on that side with more precipitation. Simplistic but it means hotter in one hemisphere equals colder in the other.


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