Friday, December 10, 2010

Getting Ready

I'm going to a clinic today. It will be the first time Spider has left the property in over a year.

I decided last week that I needed to do some preparing so I don't look like an incompetent boob. I figured that a lesson was probably in order before I go to the clinic, just to be sure I was on the right track. Trying to explain that to my husband was pretty comical.

Husband: "Why do you need to take a lesson, I thought the clinic was a lesson"
Me: "It is, but I need to get ready so I don't look like an idiot."
Husband: "So... you need a lesson to get ready for your lesson....?"

Why is that such a difficult concept? Non-horse people are weird.

Anyway, I had my pre-lesson lesson last Thursday. Essentially, it was just polishing up my position and Spider's frame and energy. I have a tendency to ride with my hands low and wide, it's a bad habit I picked up from riding untrained horses. In the beginning of a horse's training you can ride like that, to sort of "show" the horse where to go. It's not necessarily the most correct thing to do, but it gets the job done. Spider's progressed to a point where he needs to find the contact himself now. I'm also starting to bring his neck up and my low, wide hands are interfering with that. My other problem is not following at the canter. When cantering, the rider's inside hand and hip need to follow the horse's movement. I've gotten a bit stiff, which is blocking Spider from jumping into the next canter stride.

I felt really good about the lesson. Then the weather turned miserable, windy and cold, and I've ridden my horse only three times since my lesson. So, I'll probably end up looking like a backyard rider anyway. Oh well, if the shoe fits......


  1. I understand you ^-^

    I wish a very good time.

  2. Haha, of course you need a lesson to prep for the clinic. Lol. ;-) I totally understand.

    Not sure why he didn't get it...

  3. You go girl!! Good luck with the clinic. I'm sure you and Spider will get a lot out of it -- it's amazing how riding in a clinic can focus your mind. -- and OF COURSE you needed a lesson first!

  4. Hey, forget about it. Sometimes it pays off to be a bit rusty in a clinic. That way you tend to get some real attention from the clinician.

    But never fear about looking like a "backyard rider." From your blog posts I know for sure you are way beyond what you are implying by that label. You have a keen understanding of what's right and wrong, and a good sense of both you and your horse's limits, abilities, and current skill level. You're going to be just fine...and then some!! *G*


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