Sunday, December 26, 2010

And Then Winter Set In

Just a few days ago I was giddy at the thought of the days getting longer. I guess Winter heard me and said "Haha! We'll see about that!" The flurries that I was able to ride in yesterday turned into a full blown snow storm for today. The expected accumulation is 8-12 inches for my area. Yuck.

My arena, with its sand and rubber footing and excellent drainage, has held up wonderfully so far. I really could not be more pleased with it. Especially since it was a do-it-yourself job. I know people who have hired professionals and spent a considerable amount of money and do not have arenas as rideable as mine. Not bad, considering that neither me nor my husband are engineers. Of course, it doesn't hurt that our area is very sandy and rocky, drainage isn't really a problem.

I'm excited to see how my arena stands up to this snow. I drug it after I rode last night to get rid of any hoof prints and divots that might accumulate ice. I'm not sure what to do after the snow falls. I don't want to try snow blowing or plowing, as that may disturb the arena surface. I may try removing the top most layer of snow with the front end loader, then dragging to break up whatever's left on the surface. This will certainly be a project where I make things up as I go along. But, that's how I do pretty much everything. It won't be new territory.

For right now, I'm content with sitting in my sunroom, enjoying a glass of red wine and watching the snow fall. In a few hours I'll have to venture back out to feed, but I'm trying not to think about that now.


  1. Uhm....looks all too familiar to me. The snow started later up here, but we will be under a foot or more by tomorrow, I fear.

    Scraping off just the top layer of snow with the loader is going to be harder than you may anticipate. Trying to get the bale at just the right height every time is a challenge.

    I've dug into my sand too many times trying to clean/plow the arena. Now I just tend to leave it.

  2. I guess we're all getting it pretty good now. We don't know what we'll get by the end, forecast is for 10-17, so it's anybodies guess.

    Don't know what I'd do with arena, I guess I'd let it melt and not take a chance on plowing up the footing. It's your call.

    Right now a glass of wine and a sun room chair sounds pretty good.Stay warm.

  3. Having recently returned from evening feeding and finally warmed up here - your wine and sun room combo sounds enticing.

    I've been whining about wanting snow (no dice this storm).. but when we get it here it only lasts for a few days and is not too bothersome - just picturesque.

    Sending an email with questions about your arena. Setting one up here soon, hopefully this month :)

  4. Enjoy your wine and watching the snow. Do you have a post about how you did the footing in your arena? I would love to read about it. Also approximate expected cost in purchasing the materials. I plan to put an outdoor arena up in the spring if it within my budget.

  5. My husband put in our arena with a mix of sand and Nike footing. I love it - it drains well and the footing is wonderful for riding. I know he put down a base of decomposed granite and it's sloped slightly. Further questions, let me know and I'll ask him. Or contact him directly at


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