Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One Of Those Days

I often have days where I just feel like a slug. No energy whatsoever. Spider was having one of those days today. I'll admit, I was a little off my game, too. This sitting trot stuff is taking it's toll on my poor old joints. But still, I wanted to ride anyway. So I went and got Spider and started to groom him up.

I'm not much of a groom. My basic non-show groom consists of knocking the dirt off where the saddle goes, looking at his legs for boo-boos or swelling and picking feet. It takes less than five minutes. Apparently, at some point during my less than five minute grooming, Spider fell asleep. I found this out when I went to pick up his right front foot and he nearly fell over. Then he had the audacity to give me a dirty look for disturbing him. I was the one who nearly got squished, and he's giving me the stink eye?

Once I was in the saddle, his energy level didn't really improve. I mean, I know that technically the walk is a gait without impulsion... but this was ridiculous. From a lethargic walk, we moved into a lethargic trot. On the bright side, it was easy to sit!

And then he tripped behind. And I remembered my promise to him. I promised him that I would never let him trip again. Time to get serious. I sat down, shortened my reins and kicked him up into gear. We ended up having a pretty good ride after that. Not the best, the impulsion really wasn't as "there" as I would have liked it, but he didn't trip again. I suppose that's a win.

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  1. Been there, done that. I usually just go out on the trail on days like that. 'Course this from someone who didn't even manage to ride at all today...*sigh*

  2. Ugh. That sounds like a pretty recent ride for me... that time of year, maybe.

  3. Just to answer to your comment on the other post. Infact a lazy horse has MORE impulsion, because he knows he is going to stop if he moves with impulsion! Just with Skinner conditioning, you choose the criter. For example, forward with schwung. then stop. The lazy horse will then know that when he moves that way he can stop!
    I promise you, it works!
    In fact a full stop is more a punition for a forward horse. A forward horse will be made to change direction, fencing, rollback, fencing, roll back. They, then also, become very happy to stand still. ^-^

    But that is why Reining horses enjoy the stop, it is a reward, between stops they work pretty hard ^-^


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