Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Lesson

I have been slacking! Well, on the blog front anyway. I have not been slacking in everything else.

Fall is a trying time of year. On one hand, the weather is mostly beautiful. On the other hand, I have many, many chores to do. Winterizing the farm is a lot of work. My latest chore is filling in the low spots in front of the barn with stone dust. The horses wear down paths that get muddy and freeze in the winter. I'm trying to put a little stone dust in there every fall. Hopefully someday I'll have a nice, mud proof area there.

I took another lesson with my trainer last week. I'm trying to get myself squared away before winter sets in. Winter riding is a pain, the better I am going into it, the better I will come out.... I hope.

Anyway, my trainer was pleased to note that I have made progress since last time he saw me. That's always nice to hear. I'm following the horse's movement well, but now I need to work on speed and accuracy in my corrections. It's mostly a fitness issue. My fitness, that is. My core is weak and I'm using my reins to balance myself. I need to concentrate on engaging my abdominal muscles, especially when I give the reins, so as not to lose the horse's frame or jerk at his face. It's getting better, though. Slowly.

I have been very pleased to note that the last several times I've ridden Spider he has had a lot of lovely white foam on his lips. Today it was even on his knees where he had drooled a bit. It also ended up all over my clean shirt after the ride, but these things happen sometimes. I'm not going to complain about a bit of foam on my shirt!


  1. You are an inspiration...I have to ride to keep up with you. *lol* Great to hear Spider is working so well for you. It is always rewarding when that happens.

    I have to figure out how to do some similar winterizing around here on a very strict budget.

  2. Brilliant. I love the white lipstick ;-)

    ANy more details from your lesson? I am too curious ^-^

  3. Hooray! Fall is super busy for me, too, so I know where you're coming from (minus the children, of course). I'm glad you guys had a good lesson.

  4. BTW the ketoprofen for Teena worked very well. she took 50mg/day for 3 days. It controlled the inflammation. It is a very mild dose. She did not hurt herself hard. Or it is very effective at this low dosage.
    Anyway, I'd rather using ketoprofen than BUTE. It is much milder and it specifically targets soft-tissue injuries and colics!


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