Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Improbable Phrases

It's amazing how living with animals can bring out strange situations. This evening I actually uttered the phrase. "Just come in and eat! I will get the chicken off of you in a minute!"

I have several young hens who are a little confused as to where they should roost. The chickens have their own coop, but these three have decided to try to take up residence in my barn. If you know anything about chickens, you know that they poop everywhere. I don't want them in the barn. I have quite enough pooping animals in there, thank you very much.

So, every evening I have to do a "chicken sweep" of the rafters with my handy lunge whip. Whips are such useful tools, I really can't stress that enough. The "chicken sweep" results in chickens flying pretty much everywhere, then running out of the barn to go to their coop. While all this is going on, I usually get the feed ready for the horses.

As I brought the feed out, I noticed that Spider was a bit agitated. On closer inspection, I noticed that one of the wayward hens had decided to roost on his back. She must have landed on him when she flew down from the rafters and decided his back was a nice cozy spot to roost for the night. Once a chicken roosts for the night, they don't want to move, either. It's pretty much necessary to physically remove them. Poor Spider didn't know what to do. He really wanted to come into his stall to have dinner, but he also wanted the chicken off him. And he really wasn't sure how to go about that. Unfortunately, my hands were full of feed scoops and buckets and I couldn't really help him out. After about the third time I had to dodge him dancing around trying to get the chicken off, I yelled at him to just get in the stall.

Once I had everybody fed, I should have rescued him. But I decided to take pictures of him instead. I mean, come on... would you have believed this story without photographic evidence?


  1. I love the chicken! Thanks for the photo!

  2. Poor Spider! Thanks for that post I needed a good laugh!!!!!!

  3. Lmao!

    As I read the post I was hoping that you got a picture - too too funny!!!

  4. That is too cute for words, glad you got a picture. I've known some horses that don't seem to mind "riders" like that. Hope the chicken doesn't make a habit of it as Spider does not look too happy. *LOL*

  5. LOL! what a silly horse! Did the hen stay put when he walked about?
    Poor Spider! It shows that he has a sweet temper. I know a couple of horses who would have shaken down that hen LOL!

    I love chicken. My parents kept some dwarf hens. My Mum brough them all in to my brother to kiss good-night ... I have photo of my brother in his bed with 5 hens around him ...
    What you do for your kids!

  6. Loved it! Years ago I had an egret that spent the winter with my two horses and used my horse Bill as a warmer. Too cute , glad you were able to get pictures. But my question is, did you rescue him in the end? :)

    P.S I am developing a mailing list of riders who are interested in keeping the classical principles alive. Please check out my post and if you like what you read it would be great if you can help me promote it. My goal is 100 riders.

  7. Haha! I love this story! Poor Spider. He is such a good boy to not bonk her off. And for what it is worth, he is very supple! What a great share. Thanks for the laugh. :-)

    I had a pet chook awhile ago. Well, more of a foster. I rescued her as an injured little ball of fuzz no bigger than my palm from the ranch where my lease horse was boarded. $150 later, she made a full recovery and turned into this bossy hoodlum. She was an indoor chook, and while my efforts to potty train her were left to be desired, she was a fun, affectionate little friend.

    My cats, parrots and GSD were not amused. She hogged the pet beds, stole their food, scratched in their water bowls and climbed all over my long-suffering GSD. When she was almost fully-grown, we eventually rehomed her at a wonderful ranch home that kept chickens, ducks, a tortoise, several rescued horses and donkeys. From her second Mum's updates, Peeps has an identity crisis.. she shuns the other hens, and is best friends with the two ducks who happens to hate all chickens but her. Heheh!

    Good luck with the 2013 season. I will be doing my first show (training lvl) this summer, so am drawing courage and support from fellow AA riders.

    Take care!


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