Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hot And Steamy, With A Chance Of Hurricanes

It's decision time. Yesterday was Spider's day off. Do I ride today when it's 95 degrees? Do I wait until tomorrow to ride and brave Hurricane Earl? (We're only supposed to get a little rain and a lot of wind) Or do I resume our regular training schedule on Saturday? Saturday is supposed to be cool and beautiful, but the downside is that Spider will have had three days off by then. Three days off doesn't really fit into our new training schedule. I suppose I'll have to play it by ear: If it cools off this evening I'll work him tonight, if not we'll see how tomorrow's hurricane goes. And if the weather's too bad tomorrow, then he'll have three days off. One has to learn to be flexible when working with horses.

Whenever I work him next, it will be ground work. I want to do some work on his canter, particularly the left lead, without me on him. Last time I worked him in the pasture he didn't want to pick up the left lead. His left lead has been tricky in the past when he was out of shape, so this is nothing new. We just need to work on it. I was thinking of maybe cantering him over cavaletti or even setting up a little cross rail for him to go over. Something to really build up those butt muscles. I want to work on it unmounted because I know I tend to interfere with him picking up the lead. When he's unbalanced, he tends to throw me to the right. With me sitting to the right, it's difficult for him to pick up the left lead canter. Then we both get frustrated. I want to remove myself from the equation, improve his balance and fitness, then add myself back in.

Vinny is showing quite a bit of improvement in his stringhalt. He still walks funny, but he can stand still without spasming and canter fairly normally. He even managed to stand quietly for the farrier yesterday. The last time the farrier came he couldn't get trimmed because he was spasming too much, so that's a major improvement. I don't expect him to be back to normal for some time. Actually, given his history, I'm not sure he'll ever be back to "normal", but as long as he's happy and comfortable I'll keep him around.

On Tuesday they were finally allowed back into the pasture. Vinny pushed Spider right out of the way to be the first out onto the grass. He even did a victory lap around the perimeter before settling down to eat. Like I said, as long as he's happy and comfortable..... silly old man.

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  1. With you on the weather. Hard to say what Earl will bring us. My decision is to go swimming in the morning before the storm hits here...I suspect it will reach your area earlier as you are south of me.

    Looking forward to the cooling trend, though. It is supposed to be cool and wonderful after the storm passes.

    Three days won't hurt Spider too much. Food for thought...left lead canter demands a twist from the right hind leg. If that's his bothersome stifle, it might explain the lead issue.

  2. I wrote a long comment on your previous post, and blogger did not publish it AAAARGH!
    Nice work with Spider, His neck and bum have definetely changed, and perhaps his abd are coming along ...

    How is Mathilda?

    I would not ride against wind. I prefer heat!


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