Friday, August 13, 2010

Where I'm at.... A Month Later

Last month I wrote up a little situation report of what I'm doing, what Spider is doing and what we are accomplishing together with the intention of tracking our progress. So, now lets see where we're at one month later.....

Ummmm, about the same place. I'd love to blame the evil weather we've been having, but I don't really like making excuses. I need to get motivated.

I'm exercising every day, which is good. I do a quick yoga sun salutation every morning, then another 30 minute workout in the afternoon. I swap out days on my 30 minute exercise: pilates one day, yoga the next, weight training on the third. It keeps me from getting bored.

I'm only managing to ride sporadically. It's really just too hot, even in the mornings and evenings. I've only managed to ride 8 times in the last month, lunged twice and ground drove once. When we do work, I have to keep it short, usually less than 20 minutes. Spider still feels unbalanced, which is a fitness issue. We'll work through it eventually, 20 minutes at a time.

I'm working mainly on transitions and relaxing with him. Transitions to build muscle, get him off his forehand and help balance him and relaxing to just help everything. Spider likes to get tense when he's out of shape, and when he gets tense everything falls apart. We're also doing some suppling exercises: turn on the forehand and haunches and leg yields. And I'm still concentrating on riding every step and thinking about my position.

I think for this month I'm going to shift my focus to in-hand work, I'd like him to get a little better with the long lines and ground driving. He halts, walks and trots nicely on them, but I'd like to get him to do a little lateral work as well. I may try some work in short reins, too. I noticed yesterday that he tends to drag his hind feet when doing some of the lateral work under saddle. On short reins I can more directly see and control his hind legs and, hopefully, fix that. Or at least figure out why he's doing it....if it's a soundness issue or just lack of fitness or laziness.

Hopefully this month will be more productive. This heat wave has to end sometime....


  1. As you well know, I have just surrendered to the summer. An occasional lunge is all that I've managed. It's just so much work to saddle up in the heat and then only ride for 20 minutes or so, if that long. And the bugs....the less said the better. I too am hoping that when the weather finally breaks for good, I'll find my motivation as well.

  2. Jean- That's exactly why I'm going to start on ground work... I don't feel like messing with riding equipment. I don't need breeches and tall boots to lunge, shorts and paddock boots will do just fine! And twenty minutes is just where I start getting bored with ground work. It's perfect!

  3. Sounds like a good plan, particularly in the heat - I'll bet he enjoys it too since it'll be an interesting new challenge for him.

  4. You are making me appreciate the joys of a hot, dry state. We have some flies, but nothing much to complain about.


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