Tuesday, August 10, 2010

There's No Fool Like An Old Fool...For A Third Time!

When I built my fences, safety and security were my top priority. They are electric, which is usually enough to deter a horse from escape. But, just in case somebody decided to get cheeky and try to jump out, I built them tall. The top strand is 5 ft tall. Even the deer don't try to jump it.

However, when I built the interior fence for the dry lot, I got a little lazy. I only ran two strands, so it's 3 ft tall. But, my horses are all very respectful of the fence and pretty lazy. So I figured 3 ft would be fine. Even if they did jump, they would just end up in the pasture. But still, there's no way those fat, lazy beasts would try to jump 3 ft.

So, this morning when I got up, my horses were waiting patiently at the gate for me to come feed them. Except for Vinny. Vinny was in the pasture, eating grass. He had somehow escaped the dry lot during the night and gotten into the pasture. The dandelion infested pasture. (Oh, the irony!)

I checked the fence, it was on and unbroken. The gate was closed and securely latched. There was only one way he could have gotten in the pasture...... he jumped the fence. My 24 year old dressage horse with stringhalt so bad that he kicks himself in the belly every time he takes a step had jumped a three foot fence.

A little forensic investigation confirmed my suspicions: there was a rather large scuff on the pasture side of the fence where he had landed. From the look and size of the scuff, it was not a graceful landing. But, he appears to be no worse for wear... no scrapes or signs that he hit the fence and he doesn't appear to be sore anywhere. What was he thinking? He's not a young man anymore. And I've seen his jumping scores from his 3 yr old inspection, there's a reason he became a dressage horse! Old fool......

Needless to say, I was out at 6am running another strand of fence. It's now 5 ft tall. He better not try to jump that!

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  1. He thought the pasture was worth the effort - hope he's none the worse for wear, and because of what he undoubtedly ate!

  2. HAHAHA With stringhalt he is still able to jump! WOAW that horse has a very demanding stomac :-)))

  3. Hehe, good old boy, what a cheeky rascal!!

  4. I'm impressed. Just love the way, no matter how long you have owned them...or they have owned you..our horses continue to surprise. *G*


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