Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fitness- Week 2 And A Picture

I haven't posted in awhile, bad me! Partly, it's because I'm not doing anything interesting (we're still working on overall fitness) and partly because Blogger has been acting funny, not letting me post or write comments. I don't know what's up with that, but it seems to be alright now.

I've been really good about getting out and working Spider, so I'm pleased with that. We've fallen into a two days on, one day off schedule. I try to mix it up with arena work, ground work and work out in the pasture to keep it interesting. When we work in the arena, we do transitions and lateral work. In the pasture we just concentrate on being forward and round to build stamina. Groundwork ends up being a mix of the two. I tend to work him a little harder on the ground, since he isn't carrying me. So far he's doing well. We even added shoulder in to our repertoire. We were only doing shallow leg yields before. This evening I worked him 45 minutes without a single trip. Very good indeed.

Last month I posted a picture of Spider, with the intent of taking a picture every month to track his progress. So, here's this month's picture:

And here's last month's picture... for comparison:

There's not much difference. I think he's a little more muscular in his haunches and his neck is looking better, but that might just be wishful thinking.


  1. To me the back and neck look more muscled - it's good that you're getting him in shape and that the tripping is easing up.

  2. I agree with Kate. I think there's a real improvement!

  3. Agree here too, definitely an improvement especially over his neck. Well done.

  4. I see a big difference, especially for just one month. His neck looks MUCH better and the over all impression is one of more health and fitness. Good work! It's obviously showing in your rides, with less tripping.
    Good luck re the hurricane. Hope it misses you.

  5. His shoulder and neck look much better to me, but I'm not really an expert. I'm glad he's doing so well for you.

  6. Development in the shoulder, definite development in his neck, and his back.

    Glad you are getting the work in despite the heat. And it's nice to mix it up with groundwork, pasture work, and arena work. Good job.

  7. Hay!

    I think you are doing a great job with him! I see a marked difference from one month to the next. I am right there with you as I am coming off a knee surgery and will be starting on getting myself and my three main horse back in shape next week. I think I will be making some interesting blog posts! It looks to me like Spider is a little over in the knee. This type of conformation is prone to tripping so that could be wwhat you are dealing with. Exercises that strengthen the shoulder and forearm are helpful here so you are on the right track with the leg-yield. Some other helpful exercises are spiraling in and out on circles, serpentines, cavalletti work. The more you can strengthen the upper leg, the less stress put on the lower leg. Don't mind me, I am a conformation fanatic! I am not one of those folks who thinks if it's not perfect it's not worth it, but I am fascinated by the effects of conformation on oerformance and how when we know what we are dealing with we can help any horse be a better athlete and have a clearer understanding of why a horse would have certain difficulties. Love your blog, plan to follow regularly!


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