Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What Are Heat Waves Good For?

Not training horses, that's for sure. My otherwise excellent training plan has been foiled by the weather, yet again. It's 100 F here, that's about 38 C for my sensible metric-using readers. I suppose it could be worse, at least it isn't humid. Of course, that's a small consolation considering that my pastures are turning to dust in this dry heat. And the forecast is calling for humidity later in the week.

Well, at least I'm not in danger of doing too much and hurting myself.

So what are heat waves good for? Apparently, they're good for growing zucchini. I'm taking in a record harvest this year. They only started setting fruit two weeks ago, we're already eating zucchini every day and I still have a counter full of the things.

Some of them are absolute monsters, too. I try to pick them every day so they don't get too big, but sometimes they get away from me.

Even the horses are frightened. *L*

If you know any good zucchini recipes, let me know.


  1. Ugh, it is SO hot here in Michigan! I can't stop whining about it because it affects my 3 dogs and obviously my horse and riding soooo much. We pretty much have a schedule around here, with the dogs getting 2 walks a day and Miles getting ridden or worked every other day at the LEAST. Grrrrr....I guess the good news is there is relief in sight around Friday:)


    That is what I love about the world wide web, here you are complaining about the heat I am complaining about the cold!!!! Only got to 3 degrees here today, FREEZING!!!!!

  3. Oh they are big, aren't they? Italians like to slice them and then grill them. There is this nice recipe:
    - boil some "linguini" (squashed spaghetti)
    - dice the zucchini,
    -fry the zucchini small dices in olive oil, roughly 5 minutes.
    -add some cream and some smoked salmon.
    - add the cooked linguini.

    Enjoy ... very Italian, but then you ask for it ;-)

  4. I have a recipe for stuffed Zuccini at home that looks fascinating. I'll try to remember to bring it to share.

  5. Somtime there is a "Sneak Some Zuchinni On Your Neighbor's Porch Day," but I don't remember when it is. *G*

    My Mom used to make zuchinni pancakes. The were like potato pancakes with the squash substituted instead. Yummy.

  6. OK, I looked it up...just do a google search for "Sneak some zucchini on your neighbor's porch." But, unfortunately, it is not until August 8!!! You have to eat a lot of zucchini in the meantime!!*G* (It helps if you spell zucchini right! *blush*)

  7. Jean- That's hilarious, I am marking that date on my calendar!

  8. Those are the biggest Zucchini's I've ever seen!

    Nice blog!


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