Saturday, July 17, 2010

Situation Normal......

That's the beginning of a military anagram that is highly appropriate today. Actually, it's highly appropriate for many situations involving horses. But particularly for today's misadventure.

I ordered the sand for my ring yesterday. I calculated how much I would need precisely. I want the footing to be 2-3 inches deep. Since I don't know how much rubber I really have, I figured I would order enough sand to cover the arena to a depth of one inch, add the rubber, then order more sand as needed.

My carefully calculated sand was delivered today. It isn't even close to how much I need. Fail.

So what happened? I have no idea. I rechecked my calculations several times and keep coming up with the same answer: 27 tons. The only thing I can figure is that the rainstorms made the sand heavier. Since tons are a measure of weight and wet sand weighs more than dry sand, I would have less sand. You would think companies would sell their products in cubic yards, to prevent these sorts of errors. But such is not the case. Or at least not the case with any of the companies I called, they all sold sand by the ton.

It's not the end of the world, I can order more. And it is easier to add footing than it is to remove footing. But it's still disappointing. I was hoping to have this done this weekend. Since the sand is sold by weight and not volume, I don't really know how much I need. I guess I'll just have to keep hauling in truckloads until it's the depth I want. What a pain. I suppose this is why people have professionals build their arenas. *L*

I guess it's all irrelevant anyway, since it's far too hot to ride.


  1. Don't make the sand too deep, especially if it is wet. I had mine delivered when I built my arena--more the 27 tons as I recall...but that's too many years ago.

    Anyhow, I had it spread and thought it was fine, but EXPAND-A-SAND! Three inches of wet sand turned into way too deep dry sand. I had to have half of it taken out and still have a pile of it in the run-in shed and outside the arena....this after putting a whole layer down in a paddock.

    Let it dry and see what you have.

  2. Thanks for that warning, Jean! I'm planning to have more trucked in a little at a time, hopefully that will prevent any expand-a-sand mishaps.


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