Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sand: Take Two

I think I now know more about the properties, price and procurement of sand than anyone ever should. I'll spare you the boring details (and, boy, are they ever boring). Suffice to say, the sand was delivered today. After talking to every landscaping and construction company between here and North Jersey I finally tracked down the company that most of the retail companies buy their sand from. Turns out it's about 8 miles down the road from me...who knew? Anyway, I talked to them and found out I could get 50 tons from them for less than what I paid for the 27 tons I bought from the landscaper. Score! Of course, since it's a wholesale operation, I had to order 50 tons (two truckloads), but I'm sure I'll be able to find something to do with the leftover sand. The horses have worn down a few low spots in front of the barn and at the gates that could get filled. That's the nice thing about a farm, there's always a project that needs to get done.

So it came in two truckloads. After the first truck dumped it's load, which was 27 tons, one thing became very clear: what I got on Saturday was not 27 tons. Hmmm. I'll go ahead and blame the weather, inaccurate scales and the general folly of selling a landscaping product by weight not volume. At any rate, what we have now should be more than sufficient.

For the record, this is what 27 tons of sand looks like:

And that is one happy two year old!


  1. Now you're cooking!! That looks a lot more like it!

    Your daughter is a beauty. I know you've had her picture up before but this was is really special. Hopefully you will have enough sand left over to make her a nice sandbox to play in.

  2. Your daughter is gorgeous and looks like she's thinking a sandbox might be a GREAT idea with the left over sand.

    We just got ours down and leveled a few weeks ago but it's so dusty we just had to order stuff to keep the dust down. Good luck spreading that sand.

  3. What a great Mummy you are! a GIANT sand box! My son loves to comes to theyard to play in the sand. He buried his toys in it, then we had to search the arena for finding them, before the tractor drags the arena ...


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