Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh, My Sciatica!

A sedentary lifestyle is not my friend. Although it seems counter-intuitive, my back feels better the more I exercise and right now I'm not getting much exercise. I can make lots of excuses for it: I'm tired, the heat is oppressive, I don't have enough time, etc... but in the end those are just excuses. I need to get my butt in gear. I'm still not ready for my pre-baby exercise routine, which consisted of daily Yoga, Pilates several times a week and all the farm work, but I could be doing more. Right now I'm doing good if I get one very light yoga workout done a day and the stalls cleaned every other day. I wouldn't call cleaning the stalls a real "workout", anyway. The horses aren't spending much time in them, they prefer to stand under the big shady tree in the front pasture, so "cleaning" consists of picking out one or two poo piles and fluffing up the bedding. Not exactly strenuous.

As a result of my inactivity, my back is rebelling. As my muscles deteriorate into flab, my joints get out of alignment, which in turn causes strain on my ligaments and puts pressure on my sciatic nerve. And, as anyone with sciatica knows, pressure on the sciatic nerve causes horrible, paralyzing pain to shoot down my leg and usually results in me getting stuck in whatever position I was in when it started. Which then causes me to not really want to do anything. It's a vicious cycle, and it's not fun. Something needs to be done.

So, I am hereby announcing my intention to up the ante. I'm not going to increase the intensity of my workouts, I'm not ready for that yet, but I am going to increase the frequency. My initial goal is going to be three times a day. It sounds like a lot, but I'm only doing very light stretching and stabilizing exercises. The whole sequence only takes about 10 minutes. If I can stick to it, I should get to feeling better quickly. "If I can stick to it" is the tricky part.

Luckily, I have an army of monster zucchinis to do the chores for me until my sciatica feels better:

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  1. Can I ever relate. As soon as I stop exercising my back goes out and I'm off to the chiropractor's again. Good luck with your exercises and getting back in shape. Sounds like a good plan.

  2. That zucchini is downright scary! I'm with you on the back stuff - I've got back trouble too and was just thinking about improving my exercise routines - thanks for the inspiration!

  3. That zucchini reminds me of my friend's posts for
    "Sneak that Zucchini" Day. His Zucchini were often out of control, however, so you do need to use caution giving it the keys to the tractor. *lol*

  4. OMG That zucchini, I did not notice it at first. I thought your cap rested on the tractor seat O_o

    Now repeat after me, "I just had a baby, I can be pampered and loved like a queen" repeat as many times a day, when you want your life BEFORE baby number 2.

    Who is looking after toddler 1?
    I hope you get as much help as you need, and that allows to recover nicely.

    I agree with back being better when in movement. What is your routine?

  5. HEHEHEHEHEHEHE - Love the piccy!!!!!

    Hope you feel better soon


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