Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cavaletti And Boo-Boos

Monday I decided to work Spider over cavaletti a bit. It's always interesting when we do something new, Spider takes to change like fish take to air. Not that cavaletti are new to him, I've ridden him over them many times, but lunging over cavaletti is new. We started slowly, just walking over them. Then we progressed to trotting. Then for some reason he decided to canter. I let him, figuring he would probably break into trot before he got to the poles. He didn't. He tried to jump them instead. Which might have worked if they weren't spaced way too close together for jumping over. He leaped the first one with ease, then realized the second one was too close, tried to stop short and nearly fell on his face. Of course, he could have stepped over it, since they're only about two inches tall. But I guess that didn't occur to him. I wonder about him sometimes.

Tuesday it rained, so he had off. Since the weather was cooler, the horses were all running and playing. At some point Spider managed to scrape up his hock, I have no clue how he did that. I found it when I went to groom him this morning. I started to curry what I thought was just a layer of mud off of his right hock and he reacted like I'd taken a baseball bat to his leg (he tends to be melodramatic). Turns out the mud was covering up a big scrape on the outside of his hock, right over the joint. Since there was no heat or swelling, I decided to try lunging him anyway. As soon as we started I could tell it was bothering him, though. So I just free lunged him for 15 minutes. We worked on walk/halt transitions and changing direction, not too physically strenuous but it got his brain working. Then we called it a day. I'll see how he feels tomorrow.


  1. I am sorry but I am trying to stop laughing!!!! I have a mental picture of Spider nearly falling flat on his face! Poor baby I hope he is feeling better soon. :o)

  2. He and Izzy share certain traits, among them an aversion to change.

    Maybe he could consider a jumping career? He'd be great in the under 2" divisions... ;-)

  3. Guess it just goes to show Spider was actually paying attention to you when you rode him over the cavaletti. Apparently, he was not doing the thinking himself. A little remedial work wouldn't hurt.

    One of the reasons I like ground driving/lunging is that it does encourage my horse to think through things like that on his own without my help.


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