Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Matilda Gets A New 'Do

Murphy's law always applies to horses. I suspect Murphy may have been a horseman, himself. No sooner had we taken down the chicken run, Matilda escaped the fence. And this time she meant business. I spent the better part of an hour chasing her around the property. And the neighbors' property (sorry, neighbors). I probably would have gotten her rounded up quicker if Spider hadn't decided to "help". Spider, you see, was very upset by the fact that Matilda was loose, so he decided to run the fence, crying and carrying on in a truly spectacular fashion. Which just egged Matilda on. I have no idea what Vinny was doing, I was far too busy trying to herd Matilda back into the pasture and yelling at Spider to shut up and stop running to pay attention. I suspect he was sitting back and enjoying the spectacle. I'm sure it was quite the show.

Once I had her back in the pasture, I had to figure out how she got out. The fence was working properly, I measured the voltage at 5,000v. Plenty hot enough. All five strands were up. So, how had she gotten out. I suppose she just sucked it up and walked right through. Pretty impressive, I wouldn't want to walk through 5,000 volts!

Then I had a thought. Matilda has a very thick mane and forelock. It covers her whole neck, face and even her ears. Could that be insulating her? If she sticks her head through and doesn't get shocked, it stands to reason that the rest of her body should slide through quite easily after that. Even if she does get shocked after that, she's already half-way's just as easy to go forwards through the fence as it is to go back.

Well, I fixed that problem! Matilda is now sporting a snazzy new hairdo. I call it "The Naughty Pony". There's no more hair to protect her head and neck now, if she gets near that fence she's getting zapped.

It actually turned out better than I thought it would. Matilda has a lovely head and neck, so she looks quite nice bald. It remains to be seen whether or not this keeps her in the fence, but hopefully this strategy works. We'll be building her an escape proof pony pasture this weekend.

In the meantime, if you hear any stories about a bald pony terrorizing the citizens of Pittsgrove Township....I don't know anything about it.


  1. Oh, dear. At least her feet are little. When my Boys escaped to my neighbor's (Aunt's) lawn, they left BIG hoofie prints. OF course, they had to escape when it was wet.....

    Matilda looks good with the buzz cut. *G*

  2. Oh, she has more than enough body hair to compensate for slight mane-baldness. Maybe if the mane doesn't grow back you can just save her shed hair and make a weave? ;-)


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