Saturday, March 13, 2010

Catching Up

I've been a bit MIA lately. It's nearly spring and I wanted to get a few things done before the rain started this week. Mainly, get the the pastures picked and get the cool season veggies planted. Both of which I succeeded in doing. I did not get the pastures seeded, but the grass appears to be coming in nicely anyway. I didn't get the fence fixed either, but Matilda is still nice and cozy in the chicken coop. I've actually managed to get Spider out and working pretty consistently, too. A successful week, all in all.

Thursday I had a surprise visit from the farrier, Chris. He wanted to get his work done before the storms blew in for the weekend. His business is primarily show horses, I suppose it's no fun trying to shoe those types of horses in windy weather. My boys, on the other hand, were perfect angels. Chris even commented that he's never seen Spider so calm and relaxed. I'm always pleased with that sort of comment. Spider can be a bit of a spaz sometimes. He has trouble adjusting to situations that aren't "the norm", like a visit from the farrier or vet. I've worked hard to give him the consistency, environment and training he needs to handle new situations, it's nice to have that progress recognized.

I've also decided that I've passed the point in my pregnancy where riding is a good idea, so it will be just groundwork from here on out. My belly is just a bit too big to fit in a saddle comfortably. And, in all honesty, Courtney King- Dye's situation has weighed heavily on my mind also. I won't get into a helmet debate, she is not the only person guilty of not wearing one all the time and does not deserve to be beat up anymore than she already has. My thoughts are more on the fact that it was a freak accident that could happen to anyone at any time. The horse simply slipped and fell. It can happen any time and we all know it. I think many times we only think about the horse being naughty and not the freak accidents that can occur. I know that's true for me, anyway. I know what to do when a horse is naughty and I can handle that situation, but no one can ever really be prepared for a simple accident.

So I'll be grounded until I've ditched my passenger, sometime in June. Spider's progressing nicely on his groundwork now, so I'll be able to get him fit and maybe even work on a few things without riding. Hopefully my riding withdrawal won't be too bad between now and then. I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through everyone else. *G*

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  1. I broke my spine in a FREAk accident in a hack with a bombproff well-seasoned trekking horse ...

    I feel sorry for her family, I hope Courtney will recover soon and completely. Freak accident happens all the time!

  2. Glad you have decided it's time to stop riding. I was getting just a little concerned.

    You'll both keep fit enough with the groundwork, so it'll be fine.

    Did you get hit with the storm down there. It was horrible here!!

  3. Good for you for taking it easy for a while. I had an accident and broke both my legs six years ago and before that was pretty sure I was invincible! I have always worried about pregnant women riding since then. It won't be that long and you'll be back ridiing again with no worries! Take care!


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