Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow? What Snow?

I'm trying my best to ignore all the frozen white stuff outside. It's truly a challenge, considering the sheer volume of the stuff. The weather forecast is calling for more snow to fall starting tomorrow evening. In light of this news, I decided to start some of my seeds for my spring garden. It's my little act of defiance, no amount of snow can keep spring at bay. I only did the artichokes and lavender, they need 8-10 weeks head start indoors before they can be transplanted outdoors, and the little pot of herbs I keep on the back porch since it won't be transplanted at all. In two weeks I'll start the tomatoes and peppers. By the time spring rolls around, my sunroom will be over-run with seedlings.

This morning the horses were feeling especially spunky. I wish I had their good spirits. To me, their breakfast time hi-jinks were just annoying. They all eat together, so it's a highly choreographed dance to get everyone fed without anybody getting the wrong food. Normally, they all settle down quickly and eat their respective meals, but today they decided to run around "sampling" each other's breakfasts. Not a huge problem, since they all eat the same thing (just different amounts), but annoying nonetheless. I finally got them straightened out without anyone getting too much feed. Ordinarily when they're being especially obnoxious I can separate them, but the snow has immobilized the gates.

As far as day to day maintenance goes, the snow complicates everything. I can't get the dump cart out to the stalls, so I'm stuck just picking for now. I use straw, so it's not that bad. Straw doesn't absorb the way shavings do, making for less wet bedding to haul out. As long as I am able to get out there several times a day to pick and stir it up to prevent matting it will be fine. The chickens are very helpful in this regard, they love to get in the stalls and scratch around.

The only thing that isn't complicated by the snow is getting water to the horses. I simply shovel snow into my heated buckets, in no time at all it's melted and the tubs are full. No hauling buckets or dragging out hoses for me! Those heated tubs were a fine investment.

If the snow ever melts, I suppose I might start doing that thing I used to do with my horse again. What was that called? Oh, now I remember......... riding!


  1. Gosh that is a fair amount of snow! I used to get that much but I lived up on a monutain! Since I have a deep dislike of snow. Funny enough all the women I met living in my mountain village disliked snow...
    Snow is just difficult to live with ...

    How is your pony girl coping with so much snow? She must build up very strong muscles to move through so much snow ;-P

  2. My sympathy. And the forecast is getting worse each time I hear it.

    I used to ride a lot in the snow. Somehow the idea has lost its novelty. I think, though, that the cold and wind has something to do with that, however. And I worry about what might be under the snow when I am in the woods as logs and such are covered over.

    Ah, the foolish days of youth when I faced the cold with a smile!

  3. I love the heated buckets idea. That is fabulous!


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