Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rain, Rain

Rain, rain, stay and play,
Melt all the snow away!

It's a rainy crummy day, but I can see grass in a few places out there! Woohoo! As far as I'm concerned the rain is a welcome relief from all the snow and cold. If the rain melts enough of this snow, I might even get to do something with my horse this week. Providing, of course, that it doesn't flood.

I'm still thinking about my position. I've noticed something interesting, too: I use my butt muscles to support my back a lot! Certainly a lot more than I thought I did. I do yoga every day, usually several times a day, to help alleviate my back problems. I notice now that I tend to tense my glutes when I'm doing some of the poses. Which sort of defeats the purpose of doing the yoga. So I'm being much more conscientious of that. The odd thing is, my abs are pretty darn strong. I'm not sure how I developed this habit of using my glutes to stabilize my pelvis. Maybe it started in the very beginning, right after I was injured and before I was strong enough to support my back with my abs and has just lingered since. Maybe this stupid habit is what's been getting in my way and holding me back ever since. I've struggled with chronic pain since the injury. I'm hoping that if I can fix this, maybe I can finally get over the last hurdle and be right again. And if it isn't, oh well. I'm too stupid to let a little thing like a bad back get in my way, anyway.

I'm still thinking about my crookedness (sitting left), but I'm drawing a blank with figuring it out. It's not something that I do on my own, Spider helps. He's weaker to the left, and I'm not strong enough to compensate. I need to sit on him to figure out what's going wrong. Although, I suspect it has something to do with my butt muscles.

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  1. I did find out why I sit to the right. My chiropractor took Xrays for reference, and I have a slight scoliosis in my mid back vertebrae. It drops my right shoulder, and that's the way I lean. Now I have to conciously sit to the left and lift my right shoulder to compensate....I guess.

    Could your back injury have left you also slightly askew?

    Interesting about the butt muscles. Clenching there could lift you out of the saddle instead of allowing you to sit into the horse's motion.

    Rather than thinking of using my abs when I ride, I think of "lifting my core" and that tends to get them working right and me sitting up more correctly.

    Of course, once I can start riding again when this miserable weather goes away, I'll have to start working on me all over again. At least we'll be able to sympathize with each other.

  2. I might be askew because of that injury. I only ever had the initial x-rays and MRI when I was first injured. Since then I haven't had anything done diagnostically. It's one of those "ignorance is bliss" things. Some days I'm curious to know what might be going on, some days I'm scared of what I might find out!

    Good call on lifting the core, I'll try that. If we don't all wash away, that is.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind and supportive comments - I would be interested in some of your neurobiology studies on aggression - but perhaps not quite yet. We have a hard couple of weeks to get through first. Thanks again.

  4. I am like you Shannon, I should get X-ray of my spine, my accident was sept 2006. I have not yet! Ignorance is bliss

    I do not understand how you use your abs for supporting your back???
    Because from my Pilates exercises, such the bridge, I rounded my back and lifted it up by contracting my abs, starting by the lower abs.
    I have in fact super strong rectus abominis, tensing glutei and rectus abominis put me in a chair seat.

    So how does your abs support your back? Tranverse and obliques help with rotating and bending. So?
    Should we not reinforce our latissimus dorsi to keep us erect?

  5. Kate- Feel free to contact me anytime you'd like the info. My email address is on my blog page. Good luck with the next couple of weeks. I'm rooting for you.

    Muriel- Good question! I will elaborate in my next post......stay tuned.

    How's that for a cliffhanger? *L*


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