Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boredom Is Setting In

We're having another round of storms come through. It started out this morning as rain, which turned the two feet of snow still on the ground into a sloppy mess. I had to wade out through something the consistency of a frozen margarita to feed this morning. I prefer my margaritas on the rocks, thank you very much.

The horses are bored stiff. They ordinarily spend their days out foraging and playing, but the snow has covered all the grass and made it hard for them to run and play. They have a small area in front of the barn pounded down, but it's not really enough to play in. Their new favorite thing to do is pester me when I come out to do chores. I can't really complain too much, but it does make things more difficult. Spider and Vinny are not small and easily get in the way. Matilda is small, but that just makes her easy to trip over. It does make me feel rather grand to have an entourage for chores, though. Even though my entourage makes a game of knocking over the pitchfork and shovel into the snow for me to dig out. And being constantly in the way while I'm trying to clean their stalls. In spite of my efforts to make their stalls cozy, they are all currently standing outside in the blizzard. It's an excellent reminder that my idea of comfort and their idea of comfort are quite different.

Speaking of comfort, the snow is really picking up out there. This would be an excellent day to crack open a nice bottle of wine and watch the snow fall from the comfort of my sunroom. Unfortunately, this pesky pregnancy thing has taken wine off the menu. I'll have to settle for some hot chocolate.

I keep reminding myself that spring is coming, this is only a temporary inconvenience.


  1. The snow is only a temporary inconvenience; the baby is coming to stay.

    Just saying. ;-)

  2. The snow is starting again in earnest up here too.

    I have to laugh about the entourage. I too have "help" every time I go out to do chores. Chance adds the delight of turning over the wheelbarrow if I turn my back.

    My guys are pretty polite about moving out of the way when I clean the stalls, but it's so much easier to do the work if they are elsewhere.

    I think our presence in the barn is kind of "horse TV," for them. Kinda sad, isn't it? *LOL*

    Here's hoping we can all dig out of this stuff!!

  3. Horse Tv .. Great idea!
    Yesterday it was sleet, big snowflakes then RAIN.
    Today they have announced a blizard. Nothing so far .. fingers crossed.

  4. I know you hate the snow but I would love to give it a go - even for a year!!!! A whole new way of looking after horses!!!!!! It gets cold over here in Australia but not like that! I am getting myself ready for our winter. It will probably get to -5 but no snow. Sam is going to feel it - his first realy cold winter!!!!!!!


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