Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nothing Much, Just Boring Chores

The weather has been freezing and not much is getting done. This is a time of year when I just keep up on maintenance. I run out, feed, clean stalls, check water and run back in before my toes go numb.

After another of my water tubs succumbed to the freezing weather, I finally broke down and bought a heated tub. I didn't want to, they're disgustingly expensive, but my husband insisted. He pointed out that at the rate the non-heated tubs were breaking we would soon have spent more money replacing them than we would just buying a heated one. He's much more financially savvy than I am. Spider approves of the new tub, so I suppose I can't complain about the price too much. Nothing's too good for my Little Princess.

Today we had a small break in the cold, enough for the poo piles to unfreeze and be pickable. So, that was today's project. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more of the same, and I might even get a ride in. Not a moment too soon, either. I took the boys blankets off this morning and noticed that Spider is looking flabby. He builds muscle quickly and when he's in full training he has the physique of a refined Warmblood (which are mostly Thoroughbred, anyway), but he also loses muscle quickly. Right now he looks like something I might have picked up off the track. Of course, being as how I'm currently a bit flabby myself, I wouldn't really want him too fit. It's never good to have the horse more fit than the rider. In my experience, it always leads to trouble. Mostly trouble for me.


  1. Yes... my TB mare was super-fit and had an amazing recovery time. She went from completely lathered to dry and breathing normally in like 5 minutes after a cross country course on a hot day. (Thankfully, I was in amazing shape, too.)

  2. Heated tubs are the only way to go this time of year. I have heaters in my big water tub and heated buckets for the stalls. I liked the look of the ones like the one you have pictured, but I need more water for three Boys.

    I did the poo picking thing too. Some was still frozen in though. I think it insulates itself from the sun. More to do tomorrow, if I am not too sore as it was my first day of real work after my surgery.

    Enjoy the sunshine...some showers on the way for the weekend, but I hope not much! Please!?


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