Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Still Snowed In

But it seems Matilda has made a new friend. Yes, that is a chicken in her food bowl. Apparently chickens like beet pulp. There is a picture of a chicken on the bag, as well as a llama, a pig, a cow, a horse and a ferret. Apparently every animal likes beet pulp. Who knew?

Spider, being Spider, has decided he does not like to eat in his stall. He takes his meals outside in the snow. " Al Fresco", as they say. This means that in order to feed him I have to trudge through the snow and climb over the gate, which doesn't open because of the giant snow drift behind it. He is a very good human trainer, I hardly even mind the extra work. I am fully aware that it's all about Spider.

Vinny doesn't mind eating in the stall. Vinny doesn't really care where he eats, so long as he eats. Typical Warmblood!


  1. Funny picture - and it sounds like Spider should be taking clients on for training!

  2. Cute pic of Matilda and associate. *G*

    Spider is a clever fellow. He has that TB ability to get just what he wants, doesn't he. *lol*

    Hey, wait! He's just trying to keep you fit during the "snow-in" so you won't get all out of shape because you can't ride!! Fence climbing is good exercise.

  3. My old TB mare looks about like Matilda right now... at least, she's pretty shaggy.

    I hope you're keeping warm. It looks miserable out there.

  4. I used to have a pony that got shaggy like that.
    A little wooly mammoth, he was. I should blog about him one day.
    Just found your blog thru my follower list.
    I'll have to read through your previous posts
    and catch up on your writings.


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