Monday, December 7, 2009

Miserable Weather

I hate winter. I have always hated winter, for as long as I can remember. There is simply no magic for me in a snow covered setting. I always think "That looks cold. And wet. How awful" It doesn't help that I grew up in Louisiana. We never had snow and it rarely dropped below freezing. My body is simply not accustomed to the cold, even after ten years in the frigid wasteland that is New Jersey.

So, based on my afore-mentioned hatred of winter, I have gotten nothing done with my horse. We had freezing rain all day Saturday, then Sunday it was bitterly cold. By "bitterly cold" I mean that it was below 50 degrees. Like I said, I'm not very cold tolerant. I suppose I could have done something, maybe a bit of long lining around the puddles, but I didn't want to. It seems Spider will have another week to get used to being barefoot before he starts back into work.


  1. I guess because I have never lived anywhere it snows I look at it and think it looks beautiful! I will admit to a blonde moment - the first time I got to see and touch snow all I wanted to do was a snow angel. I didn't realise I would get wet!!!! On TV it looks so lovely and soft - not wet and cold!!!! BLONDE I KNOW! Poor Spider I hope he is staying warm

  2. I also hate winter. I live near a big ski area, so I have lots of friends who get excited about snow, and they don't seem to understand how detrimental snow is to riding.

    It was like -9f here last night. That's really, really cold for this area.

  3. Not fond of winter myself. The cold and the wet are the worst. Cold and dry, not so bad. I was in the hospital Saturday, so I just saw the snow and stuff from afar. I was actually glad I wasn't going home that night.


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