Monday, December 14, 2009

A Fat Lot Of Nothing

The title refers to what I've managed to accomplish this week. The weather can't decide whether to be freezing or flooding, neither of which is conducive to horse training. Oh well, it's supposed to stay nice (in the 40s F) for the rest of the week, so if the mud dries I'll be able to get something done.

In general news, Vinny managed to cut his eyelid up. I'm pretty sure Spider kicked him, but since I wasn't there I can't prove anything. If Spider did kick him, he deserved it. Last week we had a really hard rain, then freezing cold weather. All the mud froze hard and poor Spider, who's still getting used to being unshod, was having a hard time of it. His feet were pretty tender and he was gimping around and trying to stay in his stall. Knowing that Spider wouldn't defend himself because his feet hurt, Vinny took every possible opportunity to pick on him. When the ground finally thawed, Vinny mysteriously showed up with a cut over his eye. It's not much more than a scrape, not worth a visit from the vet. But I bet Vinny will think twice about picking on Spider next time.

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  1. The lumpy, frozen ground is hard even for me to walk on. No wonder poor Spider was having trouble. Maybe Vinny will leave him alone next time....*sigh*


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