Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why I Hate Daylight Savings

It now gets dark at 5:30. I get home from work at 5:30. We do have lights outside, but it's still hard to see. And, as every horse knows, the bogeyman is lurking just outside of the lighted area waiting to pounce on them. It's also getting colder now, and the dark makes it seem just that much colder. I realize that those are just excuses, and I should be getting my butt out there and riding anyway, but I have no motivation right now. At least the rain has cleared up. Maybe I'll sneak out of work a little early so that I can ride before dark. It's important to have your priorities straight: horses first, then work.

In other (completely unrelated) news: my daughter was a pony for Halloween, of course. She had a great time running around yelling "horse!". So now I'm going to post a gratuitous picture of her.

Hopefully at some point I'll actually have something related to horse training to post, once I manage to drag myself out of my Daylight Savings Funk.


  1. I love your daughter's costume and enthusiasm! I'm sure she and I would get along just fine. ;-)

    I ride in the mornings, so DST actually helps me out. Despite that, I still hate switching and I don't really understand it anyways.

  2. What a cute costume and a cute little lady inside!

    I empathize with the DST funk. Something about this year has made me lose so much of my riding enthusiasm too. As I am retired, the daylight hours are all mine to do with as I please, but where's the motivation?


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