Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Is Over, Thankfully.

It's rough to be a horse owner on holidays. Family and friends expect you to drop everything and rush over for their tedious holiday functions, but unfortunately the horses have no clue that it's a holiday. They still expect to be fed and taken care of. And don't bother trying to rush the job, those wily horses will find a way to foil your plans. Fortunately, I have my priorities straight. So my relatives get to wait while I take care of my horses. Even so, I don't get much time for riding over the holidays. Actually, that should read "I don't get any time for riding over the holidays."!

My husband and I wisely live over 100 miles from our any of our relatives, which makes for a great buffer during the year, but a lot of traveling for holidays. Nothing eats up a day like a car trip with a toddler, it's worse than trailering horses. Horses just poop in the trailer and munch on their hay. Toddlers have to be fed, changed and entertained. I'd rather bring the horses to visit the relatives.

Hopefully the sun will stay out and the wind will stay down today and I'll get a ride in. Once I get the poo picked, that is. Oh, and the water tubs scrubbed, and dig the horses' blankets out of the basement and finish cleaning up the mess in the kitchen from the side-dishes I made for Thanksgiving............


  1. I feel for you! That is way hubby and I have managed to put 1600kms between us and family. We also generally get out off 'holiday season' because we always put our hands up to work! We try and make it up once every two years for about a week though. If they want to see us they have to come to us and still they must work their time table around the ponies or I just can't partcipate!!!! :o)

  2. It was a gorgeous day here. Hopefully you managed to get that ride in.

    Children in cars do not make easy travel, and 100 miles is not a short ride. *sigh*


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