Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Short Ride

I left work a little early yesterday, so that I could get home before dark to ride. I'm glad I did, it's re-motivated me a bit. I didn't do much with Spider, as he hadn't been ridden in quite some time. We just ran through the basics: changes of direcion and leg yields. I didn't even bother to change into riding clothes, just my jeans and barn clogs. Spider didn't seem to mind, or even notice for that matter. He was just happy to be out working.

I'm going to start working with him on the lunge line this week. The long lines I ordered will be coming on the 11th, and I want to refresh Spider's memory on groundwork etiquette before we dive into a completely new exercise. Not that Spider's groundwork is bad, just rusty. I want to brush him up on a few of the basic concepts before I add in a second line to keep track of.


  1. Nice to get some horse time - keep us updated on the long lining!

  2. Darn, I need new long lines now after Tucker snapped one on was old and probably worn, however. Glad your post reminded me.

    It's so hard to get good quality riding time in when you work and it gets dark so early. Sometimes just getting on to "play" a little is all you really can do. Save the serious schooling for the weekends and just enjoy the moments you have.


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