Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Beautiful Day For Long Lining

Sunday turned out beautiful: sunny and warm. Everything was still a little wet, but I figured it would still be a good time to work on long lining. Since I was only going to walk to start, I figured it wasn't too wet for that. I got my long lines last Wedneday, but with all the rain we've been having I hadn't had a chance to use them.

I must admit, I wasn't sure how this was going to go over with Spider. He's not fond of change. Surprisingly, he took it all in stride though. I was quite proud of him. I started out standing to one side of him with the outside line over his back to get him used to the idea. He was a little confused at first, mostly because I was finding handling the lines and the whip awkward, but we soon hit a good stride. We worked on "walk" and "whoa". I would say "walk", then tap him with the whip at the girth to get him moving. "Whoa" was easy, just pull back on both lines. Once he seemed to understand what I wanted him to do, I slowly dropped farther back until I was behind him. Then we worked on "whoa" and "walk" from there. Then we reached the end of the arena and needed to quickly figure out "turn". Luckily, the tree line helped us out. Since he couldn't go forward without crashing into the bushes, he figured out fairly quickly that pressure on the right rein meant I wanted him to go right. We worked on walking, halting and turning for a few more minutes, then called it a day. Overall, I don't think he worked more than 20 minutes.....a very light workout for him!

After his lesson I made a big deal over him, telling him what a genius he was for figuring it out so quickly. I'm actually very impressed by his work, it seemed to come quite naturally to him. Maybe he's trying to tell me he wants to be a carriage horse?


  1. That's great that it's going so well - he is a smart boy!

  2. Sounds like a great little training session - if they are picking it up quick there is nothing wrong with a short training session!


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