Friday, October 9, 2009


Spider and I did a lot of spiraling in and canter-walk transitions yesterday, so it was no suprise that he was a little stiff and resistant today. While I don't necessarily like it when my horse is sore, it does make me feel like I've accomplished something. As anyone who's ever embarked on a new exercise routine knows: No Pain, No Gain!

I decided to leave the simple changes alone for today. I like to mix up routines, much like body-builders do. The idea is to alternate exercises to give the muscles time to recover. With body-building, the upper body is worked one day, lower body the next, abs the day after that, and so forth. I try to adapt the same idea, but work on different types of exercises. So we do transtions one day, lateral work the next, etc.....

Today we started with working the stiffness out. He was pretty resistant at first, wanting to brace against my hands instead of coming up from his hind end. I did some counter-flexion on a 20m circle at trot, followed by shoulder in on a 20m circle until he felt more relaxed. Then we did some lateral work at walk and trot. I like to do shoulder in down the long side, turn, then haunches in down the short side. Since Spider's left hind is weaker, we did more work tracking left. We did minimal work at the canter, since those muscles were still fatigued from yesterday. I almost tried a few leg yields at the canter, but then decided since the rest of the work was good to just leave it at that. I like to always end on a good note. I don't know that it actually does anything for the horse, but it makes me feel a lot better.


  1. Sounds like you and Spider are doing really well!!!

  2. Good plan. I like the idea of mixing up the training. Drilling too many days on one concept usually has diminishing returns.

    Hope you had some time on the weekend to ride.


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