Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Change of Venue

Saturday morning I finally brought Spider home. Up to this point he's been living at my trainer's barn down the street. Lucky for me her facility is less than a mile away. But with winter fast approaching I made the decision to bring him home. We just bought this place in May and it was not horse ready. We spent the summer putting up fence and building the barn. I tested the set-up with my retired schoolmaster and the pony. They survived, so I decided it was OK for my show horse. *lol*

So Spider arrived Saturday afternoon. I turned him out in the small paddock to run around a bit, then saddled him up for a ride. This is sort of a tradition with Spider and I. In the first year I owned him we bounced around to several barns before we found one we liked. I learned early on that Spider does best if he knows that his routine is the same, even though he's in a new place. So every time he moves I get on him and ride him that day. That way he knows that he still has his job and I haven't abandoned him. After I rode him I introduced him to his new herd. I got the camera ready, expecting some fireworks. I had two superb athletes who, I was sure, were going to run around and act like colts getting to know each other. Alas, all they did was follow me around like puppies while I tried to get a picture. Very un-spectacular.

I mapped out a little ring behind the barn. It's only the size of the small dressage ring (20m x 40m) and it's turf right now. There was a big turf ring at the training facility I used to work at, I always loved riding on it. The horses seemed so much more forward on it. Of course, it was much bigger than my little turf ring. We'll see how mine holds up, if it gets too torn up I'll convert it to a sand ring. So far I've ridden back there twice and it's holding up well. I'm trying to be concious of not riding on the same track all the time, so as not to tear up one spot more than others. It's been challenging, but that's always a good thing. I think many times dressage riders get stuck in 20m circles, sometimes it's good to remember that there's a lot more ring to ride in!


  1. How lovely to have all your horses (and pony!) with you at your own place! Mine are very close by - about 200 yards away - but I don't own the facility, so can't quite make it just as I would like, but it's still pretty good.

  2. Love having the Boys at home. Just being able to go out and give everyone a carrot or hug at will makes the work worth it.

    Spider looks quite settled already.

    I will be interested in hearing how the turf holds up too.


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