Saturday, September 5, 2009


I finally got a chance to ride this evening. I think that the most sublime feeling in the world is to be in the saddle.

It wasn't our best work. I haven't ridden in nearly two weeks, so Spider was a bit "rusty". But still, I couldn't help but smile the whole time.

He started out quite fresh. Spider is a very enthusiastic horse, and the combination of time off and cool weather made him full of excess energy. After a few failed attempts to put him together at the walk and trot I decided to just let him canter a bit to blow off some steam. His canter work was suprisingly good. He settled into a good rythm and went nice and round with very little input from me. If only his walk and trot were the same!

I eventually decided to just go with the energy.....I shortened my reins, planted myself in the saddle and pushed him up into the contact. He looked and felt great, so long as we didn't try to do anything tricky like change direction! Unfortunately I've also had two weeks off, so my fitness level was not quite up to directing all that energy. Basically I just sort of sat up there and half-halted to keep him off his forehand while he blew off energy.

In the end I got some good transtitions, a couple good leg yields and had a blast doing it. Tomorrow I'll try to keep the idea of all that forward energy, while directing it where I want it to go.

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