Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Need a Warm-up Rider

Yesterday was beautiful, perfect temperature, no flies....just lovely! My trainer wanted to use Spider in a lesson in the morning, just light work to help someone find their seat, so I planned on popping over after the lesson to ride him when she was done. It was a perfect plan, by the time I got there he was tacked up and warmed up. I felt like a professional! I was able to get on and immediately start working on the things I wanted to work on, without having to be bothered with that pesky warm-up.

Spider is no spring chicken. It takes a good 20-30 minutes to get his joints moving. Unfortunately, I'm not in that great of shape myself. Which means that by the time I get him warmed up I'm far too pooped to actually work on anything. It's a vicious cycle that has resulted in, well...nothing.

But yesterday after the lesson Spider was already mostly warmed up, thanks to the lovely young lady who took a lesson on him (and did a great job on him, also). All I had to do was some lateral work and he was ready to go. We worked on some lengthenings, since lengthenings are usually a disaster because I'm too tired to keep him together. But since I was fresh they came out very nicely. Well, on the first canter lengthening it took me half the arena to get him back, but it was still a good lengthening (and fun!) I tried a few simple changes, but he still doesn't really have the fitness to do them, and I don't have the timing down well enough to try to force it. The lengthenings were enough of a workout for one day, anyway. I'm a little sore this morning from them, I'm sure Spider is, too.

If we get a break in the rain I'll be out again today. I won't have a warm-up rider, though. Bummer.

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