Friday, August 28, 2009

Waterfront Property

It's come a flood here in beautiful, scenic South Jersey! Needless to say, I'm not getting much riding done today. Vinny and Matilda are surveying their new lake from the security of their cozy stall. They share a stall. They don't need to, I have a stall for each of them, but they prefer to share. I wish I could say it cuts down on cleaning, but unfortunately two horses + one stall = a big mess!

This miserable weather is doing nothing for my training schedule. Luckily, south Jersey is mainly sand, so once the rain subsides the water will drain away. If the rain stops, that is. It's times like these that I get nostalgic for my days at the big training facilities, with their fancy indoors. I often fantasize about having loads of money and building an indoor. Then I remember that I have horses..... and horse people are, by definition, poor!

I heard the lotto is up to $325 million, perhaps if I played I could afford an indoor. But I've always believed suffering builds character. I shall have loads of character!


  1. My friend, Stacie, has a ticket for the drawing, but I don't. Forgot to get one.

    Funny, I was thinking the same thing the other day when it wasn't raining.'s raining in Central NJ too....the thought again crossed my mind.

    But as lovely as boarding out with an indoor was, I still love much more having the Boys home with me...rain or shine. (My guys share the stalls too. What is that all about???? *lol*)

  2. Our ark is roomy - we'll pick you up too! Rain, more rain, more rain . . . We've had to move our gelding herd into one of the winter dry lots - which has grass now - the aisle to the pastures is under water.


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