Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I haven't had a chance to ride, what with this lovely weather we're having. I'm starting to get a little antsy. I always get a little antsy when I can't ride. My husband has even taken to saying "Why don't you go ride your horse or something!" when I get particularly annoying.

I suppose I'll take this oppurtunity to practice my blogging skills a bit and post some pictures from around our farm.

This is my daughter Summer, and my retired gelding Stravinsky (or "Vinny", for short).

He's learned that if he sticks his head through the fence she'll pet him. Makes for cute photos.

This is Vinny and the pony, Matilda. She barely comes up to his belly, we call her his shadow! She runs the herd, though. Typical pony!

Summer is only a year old, so she can't actually ride the pony, yet. In all honesty, I bought the pony for me. She was just too stinking cute to pass up. Don't tell my husband, though......he still thinks it's for our daughter! I suppose I'll let Summer borrow my pony, sometimes.

Hopefully this rain will let up soon and I'll be able to get out and ride. If not, well....... I guess I'll start building a boat.


  1. You could perhaps build the next ark with Vinny and Matilda. See you already have TWO horses for your ark.

    Precious pictures of Summer. She's the real show-stealer!

    Tell your husband that the pony is really like a beer holder (coozie) - like how i use my dog as a footrest. :-)

    I hope the rain lets up soon for you so you can ride like the wind.

  2. I am voting for the boat! Then again, the forecast is looking up for New Jersey, if the New Jersey forecast can ever actually look up.

    Pony and daughter are adorable. I have a feeling that if you ever do get Summer in the saddle, it will be such a cute picture you will let her ride "your" pony every day...that is when it's not raining.


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