Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fun With Dressage?

The weather here in the Garden State has been crummy lately, which has been a true test of my devotion to riding.
When it's 90 degrees and humid, with thunderstorms threatening at every turn, I find it a little hard to stay motivated.

I'll be the first to admit, dressage isn't really "fun" in the traditional sense. It requires intense discipline. Your aids must be crystal clear and perfectly timed. You must be ready to respond to the the horse's every move instantaneously. Your body must contort into positions it just wasn't designed for. I don't know a single dressage rider who doesn't have a bad back, knee, hip or neck. And don't even get me started on the repetitiveness! I could do a perfect 20 meter circle in my sleep.

But then there are those moments when everything just clicks. Suddenly, it isn't a horse and a rider anymore. My horse's body becomes my body, his strength and agility are mine. It's like a drug. The feeling only lasts for a second, but those seconds keep me coming back.

Maybe I need to join a twelve step program.........


  1. A twelve step program would be useless. Apparently once a woman passes age 18 and still loves horses, the addiction is permanent. *G*

    People who don't ride dressage just don't quite "get it." Riding the perfect circle is really quite an event the first time it happens, especially on a green horse you are training. Makes you realize just how much is actually involved.

    So dream on....those socks should certainly conjure up some good visions of circles...and things.

    And, oh, yes, I too am "enjoying" the Jersey weather. I think another thunderstorm is on its way. *sigh*

  2. I want a pair of those Shannon! I'll wear them and prance around on my stuffed animal horsie. That beer is a must too! You are priceless! :-)


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