Sunday, July 5, 2009

Already Slacking!

Well, I just started this thing and it seems I'm already slacking. I gave Spider Monday and Tuesday off beacause he seemed to need it. I haven't had his hocks injected in about three years, and it's catching up to him.

After Friday's bitting disaster, Saturday's ride was a walk in the park. Tightening up the noseband did the trick and we had a fairly uneventful ride. We worked on a little bit of everything, but mainly concentrated on getting him into the right rein. Spider tends to fall in on his left shoulder, so every ride starts with a battle to get him straight. He was a little worse than usual, but I didn't think much of it. Until Sunday.............

Now, Spider is one of the most enthusiastic horses I've ever ridden. As soon as the saddle and bridle go on he's ready to start work. But Sunday he was just not into it. "Slug" does not even begin to describe his performance. He was a salted slug. Luckily, I was taking a lesson so I had my trainer get on him to see what she thought. The verdict: he needs his hocks done. I can't say it was a suprise, he's a 14 yr old ex-jumper and we've recently started doing a lot of collected work and counter-canter. But I was hoping I could put it off a little longer. There are only a few vets in my area who do the procedure and it could take months before I can get an appointment. What to do until then?

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