Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hock update!

Well, I finally got on Spider this morning. I decided to give him an extra two days on turnout before I rode him. And by "decided" I mean that I was to busy to ride him on Friday and Saturday! But more on that later............

Our ride was good. I kept him to light walk and trot work in a training level frame, but even though we didn't do anything difficult there seems to be an extra spring in his step. I didn't even need my whip. The best part was that he seemed a lot more balanced than he was before the injections. That's not to say he still didn't have a little trouble getting into the right rein, but he felt alot more balanced than before. I'll probably ride him lightly for the next few days, then put him back to his usual work. I want to give the injection time to work before we start pounding on his joints again. Too bad South Jersey is so buggy this time of year, this would have been the perfect time to trail ride!

Now on to my reason for not riding Friday and Saturday: I finally brought my Schoolmaster home! I've been waiting and working on this for the better part of two years. In fact, the whole reason we bought a farm was to get Stravinsky here. And Saturday he finally arrived! He's settled in fabulously. I'm so happy to have him here at home where he can live out his retirement.
Stravinsky enjoying his new home:

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