Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hock, Hock Hooray!

So far the injections have really paid off. Spider is tracking up nicely and is back to his usual enthusiastic self. But, since he's been on turnout or light work for 3 weeks now, his muscle tone leaves a lot to be desired. It always amazes me how quickly an animal (myself included) can lose muscle tone, especially when you consider how long it takes to build it up!

Ironically, my 23 year old retired Swedish Warmblood still has the physique of a bodybuilder. I suppose this is part of the attraction of warmbloods, they're like the Jack LaLanne of horses. Not so with my Spider, if he even thinks about having a day off his haunches turn to jello. So we'll be doing lots of transitions, lots of lateral work and lots of sweating for the next few weeks to tone up those saggy glutes. His and mine!

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